about heather

Hello! My name is Heather and I am the writer, artist, and creative soul behind Essence of Avalon. My goal through this website is to share my journey and what I learn about myself, nature, and the world around me. I’m passionate about holistic health and natural healing, painting, writing, travel, nature, and so much more. This blog is a safe space for us to create and explore. To learn and to play. To make and to be.

I grew up in Canada, mostly moving around a ton. Creating, writing, and playing in the forest have always been my favourite things. I had always felt some kind of connection to plants, crystals, and nature. For awhile I even would pretend I was a fairy or a witch. It wasn’t until I was sixteen when I really fell into myself and Source. Since then I’ve been exploring the intricate pieces of my soul and strengthening my connection to Mother Earth. I’m so excited for life and for the unknown abyss of magic before me.

I hope you find peace in the tangled web of my words and the gentle touch of my soul.