connecting to your menstrual cycle.

I’ve noticed that so many women and girls these days believe that periods are gross, inconvenient, a curse, or something else along those lines. I hear things like “ughh! I got my period” or “I wish I didn’t have to deal with this” and more negative talk towards this natural and beautiful thing that happens in our bodies. It’s a little sad, but I know it’s because of years of conditioning put upon us through marketing for feminine hygiene products and just the patriarchy telling women that they should be ashamed of their blood. It’s really beautiful, because like so many people are noticing, the rise of the feminine and goddess energy is upon us. More and more women are coming out and speaking about the Feminine, and our natural moon cycles. More and more women are feeling comfortable standing in their truth. Today I wanted to talk about this, because it’s kind of special. My moon cycle is sacred to me now, but for years it wasn’t. For awhile I suppressed this natural gift because I wasn’t comfortable enough with it, but after a lot of rearranging my mind and learning more about what my blood means, I started looking at it in a completely different way.

* Disclaimer: I’d like to acknowledge that I understand not all women get a period and this does not make them any less of a woman. There are many things and many ways that connect you to your feminine, and anyone who identifies as a woman has divine goddess energy within her. ❤ This post is merely for helping women who do get a period have a better relationship with this gift and themselves, by sharing my own experience with what has worked for me.

By connecting and honouring our menstrual cycle, we connect to and honour ourselves. Our blood is our womanhood. Our creative energy. Our power. As women, we hold the power within us to create life. Our bodies can literally grow a human within us (of course with the initial help of male seed) and I personally believe that that is pure magic and something to celebrate. Back in the times where tribes would sleep outside and there was no light pollution, most women had their menstrual cycles synced to the moon: they would ovulate during the full moon, and menstruate during the new moon. If you are looking to feel more connected to your female body and soul, then this is the post for you. Below I will share some ways I have found useful in connecting myself with my menstrual cycle and my femininity in general:

Meditate with your womb

This one might be the biggest and most important tip I have. While learning to connect deeper to my cycle, I found this tip on my sources and through many people, and didn’t quite understand the importance until I tried it. Meditating with your womb is very simple. All you have to do is sit or lie down, place your hands on your womb/pelvic area, close your eyes, and breathe. You can listen to healing music while doing this if you’d like, but I generally like to do it in silence. And then I just listen. Listen to my breath, and listen to what my womb has to say. Our female reproductive systems hold so much ancient knowledge and wisdom, if we only listen. The first time I did this, so much information was downloaded into my consciousness and I learnt many things about myself.

Learn the history of menstrual traditions

Learning the ancient history of the traditions, rituals, and beliefs about women and their moon cycles was such an interesting thing for me. Only in recent western times has the suppression of women and their natural cycles been prevalent. Throughout history many tribes and cultures all over the world honoured women when they were in this time of menstruation. Women would have their cycles synced, and once they started to bleed, would go to a Moon Lodge, or Red Tent, where they would rest, meditate, be, breathe, and be in women’s company throughout their menstruation. It was often believed that these women were at higher spiritual peaks while bleeding, and the men would seek spiritual advice or wise words during this time. Their blood was considered sacred and would sometimes be used in ritual to connect people to higher realms of being. There is so much more you can learn about Moon Lodge’s and I really recommend you look into it.


Ritual in all times of your cycle can be wonderful and powerful. By ritualizing your menstruation in particular, you can deepen your connection to your body, your blood, and your feminine energy. You can do this by burning sage or cinnamon and saying a prayer to your goddess energy. Or by using your blood in certain ways to connect to yourself or the earth. Or even just by slowing down and being more mindful of every little thing you are doing: ritualize everything.

Rest and release

Menstruation is a time where the body sheds the blood that it no longer needs. Spiritually, this can also be a time to reflect, and then release what no longer serves you. Often times in the Red Tent, women would spend their time resting their bodies and meditating. Through doing this it becomes more clear to you what you might energetically need to release along with your physical blood.

Let me know in the comments what you like to do in your own cycle to connect deeper into yourself!

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