the ebb and flow.

Life is pretty interesting. We have no control really over what happens, and as you’ve probably heard before, all we can control is how we ourselves respond to situations. Even though this is so, for some reason we all try so desperately to control the outcomes of our lives, and sometimes we get offended at someone for being something we didn’t want them to be. It’s often about expectations of our own lives and of other people.

It’s a little difficult for me in particular to balance being optimistic and having so many dreams, to not setting my expectations too high.. Usually I tend to always have all these dreams and plans for the future, and I love being so positive, but sometimes it gets me hurt when something I want to happen doesn’t happen.

All this adds a little more confusion when you consider the Law of Attraction. I’d really like to make a post on this topic in the future because I could speak a lot about it, but for now I’ll just say this: the law of attraction is a method of manifestation where the basic principle is, your thoughts/feelings create your reality. This theory has definitely improved my life, I believe, because even if we are speaking logically, by having a positive mindset in life, you will be happier… because you are literally being positive. So even if not every one of your manifestations are coming to fruition, you are still improving your life by being positive. And naturally, when a person believes in themselves they are more likely to accomplish things they wish to accomplish. But the thing that confuses me at the moment, is how do I have this positive mindset and believe that everything will be okay, but not be let down when something doesn’t go to plan?

In saying this, I suppose it just goes back to my first paragraph, in saying that we really can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. I suppose all we can do is be positive, dream, and always work towards being the best version of ourselves in every moment. Sometimes that means making business plans and venturing out into the world, and sometime that means seeing when we need to be still and introspective. All we can do is honour the ebb and flow.

This post is probably pretty all over the place, but that’s kind of something I love about this platform. I can share whatever is on my mind and let it all pour through here. Thank you for listening. 🙂

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