full moon.

the full moon is a powerful time, happening once every 28 days. in many different cultures and spiritualities, the moon is seen as the feminine energy in our world, the yin of the yin/yang. she represents softness, creativity, reflection, and wisdom. the moon’s energy, and our own, is powerful as the sun and moon are opposite to one another. when the moon has reached her fullest, it is a time for celebration. a powerful night in which our energies, our dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, and creativity are amplified, allowing us to tap into our higher selves and improve our vibration.

i have always been so fascinated by the night sky, but especially by the lovely luna who watches over us. in recent years, it has really enriched my life to honour the moon cycles and myself by creating sacred rituals to help me connect to myself and the Mother moon at certain points during the cycle. as the full moon is one of the most powerful time of creativity and psychic ability, i really wanted to share the rituals i enjoyed to do during the night of the lovely full moon–just in time for the super blood moon in three days!!

cleansing is something i always like to start my rituals off with. it completely renews and rejuvenates the energy of yourself, your environment, and your tools so you are prepared for your night of connection.
i usually like to take a bath the cleanse my body. it is so so relaxing, which is great in itself, but it also makes me feel really connected to water– as a water sign, this is essential to me. i love to use candles and crystals around the tub to make it extra sacred. to make this bath more cleansing, and to make sure you cleanse not only your body but your mind and spirit as well, it can be really great to put salt in your bath. salt is a known disinfectant and can really help your muscles out as well. i personally use a bath because i don’t live by the ocean, but if you do, it’s even better to go enjoy a swim in the salty water.
once your body is cleansed and you feel a little more relaxed, it’s time to cleanse your space an your tools. this part is easy and so interesting to watch. i use sage or palo santo, and simply burn it while bringing the smoke around my space and around my spiritual tools that need cleansing (such as crystals, mala beads, oracle cards, etc). i always have a window open while i do this though, as i heard once that the low vibration energies need a window to escape out of as you cleanse your space.

RITUAL TWO: Sacred Movement
as i wrote earlier, the full moon is a time for celebration. it’s a time for being grateful. a time for moving your body and honouring her with the moon. this sacred movement can appear different depending on my mood. sometimes it is doing some intuitive movement on my yoga mat, following a yin flow, going for a jog, or even just dancing around my room.
the reason why it is so important to move your body on a full moon, is because throughout the moon cycle we might be carrying energies and feelings that are no longer serving us. by moving our bodies, we allow this stagnant energy to move through and out of us, leaving room for our new high vibrational energy.

RITUAL THREE: Meditation
as the full moon is a time where our intuition and psychic abilities are amplified, you better believe i want to be connecting deeper within myself and listening. meditation is something i have been trying to do everyday, because when i do i notice a huge difference in how well i can listen to my heart. we all have the answers to any of our questions within ourselves. as humans we tend to look externally for things to make us feel good or things that make us feel worthy, but all that really matters is that we listen to and honour our own heart.

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